Sure, Science can be fun!

On our trip to Chicago we visited the Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum, and The House of Blues to see Jeremy Camp with opening act Stellar Kart.

First stop: Museum of Science and Industry

Funny story: In the interactive kids area, there’s a water exploration exhibit. I told Zane to grab a raincoat and button up while I put down the backpack to dig out the camera. The museum was not busy at all, Zane was one of maybe six kids in the entire area.

I’ve got my nose in the backpack taking stuff out, looking for the camera. I finally find it, turn it on and turn around to see Zane. He’s standing in the water see the picture with the balls? That’s where he was standing, ankle deep in the water with his shoes and socks on.

Zane tried to dry off with no success and had to spend the last three hours walking around squishing and sloshing.

His favorite exhibit was the chick hatchery. This little guy kept trying to come through the glass at us.

This was a pretty neat, fun thing. The balloons were projected on the wall and you had to stand two feet away and use your shadow to manipulate the balloons. I’m not really sure how it works, but we stayed here for at least a half hour!
Of course, I just thought the silouhette pictures were cool.

Tomorrow: Field Museum: Home of Sue the T-Rex and worms bigger than me!

3 thoughts on “Sure, Science can be fun!”

  1. Oh so fun! I love to go to the science museums–been to the one in Chicago as a kid (when I didn’t appreciate it as I should have) and to the one here in Phoenix as well as the one in San Francisco. I’d have field trips there every day if could–there’s just so much to do and explore. Once I took a class to the Science Museum in Phoenix and a few of my kids ended up talking on short wave with a guy in Majorca. That is learning I can’t replicate in my classroom–but I still try.
    Glad you had fun!
    Abundant blessings,
    Jenny Cary


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