Tackle It Tuesday #115

9 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday #115”

  1. Amazing what one can accomplish when the power goes out! LOL Looks great Michelle! I’m still trying to decided on my tackle for the day.

  2. A-men! WOW! you blow me away, thank you for being so open! And thank you for your prayers – they are felt and appreciated more than you know.

    Love in Him <>< Carolyn

  3. hehe your desk looks like mine! and i totally understand about the power going out! i actually did the same thing last week when ours was out…

  4. It must feel good to have that finished product.
    I can’t do Tackle it Tuesday cuz I’m the suckiest housekeeper IN THE WORLD and I KNOW I’d never be able to finish a job like that.
    I. Really. Suck. That. Hard.

  5. Need I comment about the presence of the “simplify” wall-hanging? Ironic much?
    Here’s a secret–stop putting up seasonal things!


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