Tackle It Tuesday

I flaked.

Not on purpose though. Just so happens I spent like FIVE FREAKING HOURS on the phone with a doctor’s office who sent a claim into the insurance company wrong. And guess what? Because of the wonder-freaking-ful HIPPA laws, I cannot even get my own information sent to me because it reveals diagnosis. Forgive me, but no shit sherlock. Of course it reveals the diagnosis and that reveals private patient information.

Oh wait, my other personality isn’t allowed to know. I see.

5 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday”

  1. This personality wins the first laugh of the day award!

    I understand what you mean. The MammoFest I attended in October? Yeah they billed it to two insurances ago. Guess that beautiful time I spent with that clipboard full of paper before the ‘ol squisheroo was a one office stand.

  2. Ang, I know what you mean. This is the same insurance company who was my previous provider. They wanted me to send them my certificate of prior insurance. I told them they should have a copy since they sent it to me!

    That’s like the IRS one time, I was doing my taxes for the semi, I called with a question concerning something I read in Publication 17. The IRS lady asked if I could send her Publication 17. WTF?

  3. Oy vey.
    I hate insurance. I hate medical stuff in this country. Makes me want to move somewhere else.
    Actually, some insurances now give you full coverage (including airfare) if you’ll have your surgery in Canada or Mexico or Thailand or India or someplace like that–major cities that have increasingly better care than the U.S. and increasingly cheaper prices.


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