Medicine Sets Now Available!

Way of Truth Medicine Sets are now available!!


Each set is blessed and infused with healing energy. If you have any special requests, please let me know. I assemble the sets myself. While I’m collecting the components, I repeat healing and positive mantras into these earth items. The vibrations of these messages will reach you in a powerful way.





You will receive seven beautiful chakra stones with a beautiful white muslin bag with drawstring to keep them in!

The stones will be cleared, cleanses, and charged by moonlight plus blessed and infused with my healing energy.

Stones will vary, so your set will look different than what is pictured. You will receive a red or black stone for your root chakra, an orange stone for your sacral chakra, a yellow stone for your solar plexus chakra, a green stone for your heart chakra, a blue stone for your throat chakra, a purple stone for your third eye chakra, and a clear or white stone for your crown chakra.

As a bonus, you’ll also receive a digital copy of my Chakra Basics ebook!


You will also receive a package of approximately one half ounce of loose ceremonial sage for smudging.

The sage will be cleared, cleansed, and blessed.


You will receive one custom intuitively blended essential oil in a roller ball. Please indicate any allergies or aversions to scents when ordering. Carrier oil used is coconut oil. All essential oils are therapeutic grade.

You will also receive one abalone shell–depending on the set you choose your shell will be either approximately five to six inches with the large set or three to four inches with the small set. Shells will vary in shape, size, color, and weight. Here are some samples:

The shells will be cleared, cleansed, and blessed.

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The large set is $40 (US shipping included) and the small set is $35 (US shipping included.)