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Spicy Spices

We cook a lot You probably already know that though. and I’m sick of how cruddy the spice cabinet looks We buy bulk from a local spice store: Molly Bea’s Ingredients (so inexpensive compared to the McChain store) Not wanting to spend mega-bucks on spice containers (ugly spice containers) the beautiful herbs and spices just sat. Ugly. Until inspiration struck! … Read More

My Bottle Tree

There’s a movie, I can.not. remember which movie–but there’s a scene in the backyard with a hu-mon-go tree filled with empty bottles hanging from it. I want that tree. Until then, my husband got me this one. I only need 27 more bottles to fill it!


*A note before you read this. After doing an audit of my blog in 2022, I have decided to leave content that speaks to the Christian I was at the time this was written. I no longer identify as Christian (and haven’t for a very long time.) I chose to leave these posts because it is who I was then … Read More

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Bad Blogger Day 3

Run Forrest Run! Chuck loves going on walks.Molly’s tuckered out. You’d be tired too if you were missing a leg. Had to throw a pretty one in there. Our un-named Beta fish jumped to his death.He jumped out of his water. I found him on the carpet almost completely dried up.These pictures are right after I threw him back in … Read More

I’m a Bad Blogger

Once again, I have neglected the ten or so people who stop by here regularly. I don’t mean to neglect you. Really. So in honor of your dedication despite my disregard I’ll post a week’s worth of photos (and captions) so you know why I’ve not been here paying attention to you. Forgive me? I think I’ll work backwards. Because … Read More

Yellow River Flooding, Knox, IN

Knox closed schools today because for the first time ever, they were forced to shut down the city’s water treatment plant located on the Yellow River. I ran out and took some pictures. The River is supposed to crest tomorrow around noon, so I may go back. I heard on the radio this is the first time in history the … Read More

Random Bits

I found this guy, Rene Gruss, on MySpace I loved Bellatrix (free download this month.) I bought the whole album, right now Bellatrix remains my favorite. I found this other guy, Brian Gleason, on MySpace, he has the most amazing natural country voice I’ve heard next to George Jones, George Strait, Josh Turner (Jeremy Camp, outside of country)–I mean one … Read More