family photos

Shooting Day!

A few weeks ago my brother and his friend took their weapons out to the Knox property to target shoot.  My nephews got straight A’s on their report cards and this is what they wanted to do. Phil, Zane and I tagged along.  

Amazing Underground Exhibit

These next pictures were taken at the exhibit Amazing Underground–think Incredible Shrinking movie. Yes, there is a huge spider behind me. The exhibit was creepy yet fun

Photos from Redneckville

I’m probably going to regret these incriminating photos, but really, we only live once. So here goes. This is Phil’s wood hauling truck. If that doesn’t make us look redneck enough, stick around! Here’s me splitting wood. We’re saving for one of those fancy hydraulic wood splitters. And Phil splitting wood. He’s much better at it than I am! My … Read More