In my kitchen this morning:

Zane: Can I have Cocoa Puffs for breakfast?
Me: Sure.
Zane: Cool!
Me: Guess what my all-time, super-favorite cereal was when I was a kid?
Zane: What?
Me: Cocoa Puff?
Zane: Whoa! I didn’t know they made those back when you were a kid.
Me: Yep. (sighing)
Me again: They even said, “I’m cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” on the commercials.
Zane: They had commercials then too?

New (Made Up) Words

Phil: Zane, did you try your cup on yet? You need to know how to put it on, go get it.

Zane: Ok

Zane trots off making obnoxious boy noises and armpit farts. He comes back and hands the cup to Phil.

Phil: This one has underwear, I got this one so it would be easier for you to get on.

Zane: A cup with underwear. Cool! Cupperware!!