12.6.10 one thousand gifts and popinjay

one thousand (imperfect) gifts

naming these things, putting pen to paper, physically moving my body to be grateful is harder than it appears. Good moments, bad moments, indifferent moments, she’s right–they’re all His moments.  Labeling one good and one bad, in my imperfect knowing…not wise.

Always a struggle to decipher the “Thank God” comments.  Thank God (insert name) survived cancer. (and Thank God my mom died of it?) Thank God (insert name) wasn’t hurt in that automobile accident. (and Thank God my sister’s friend was killed in that automobile accident?)

Two decades ago, no thanks was being offered for my husband divorcing me. Now though? Yes. Multitudes of thanks for that first husband leaving so the husband of my soul would find me.

Maybe it’s just that I should expect that even in the troubling times, there will be some sort of benefit?  But is that ok–to expect a good thing? Or is that prideful and selfish?

I have no answers. (I’m imperfect)

(and so are my attempts at gratitude)

(but i’m trying)

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day twenty-eight

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