Every Storm Runs Out of Rain

I remember starting this painting, though I couldn’t have told you the date until today.   I knew what I wanted to do for my sister-in-law. Her dad was diagnosed with cancer. She loves Gary Allan and when I watched this the video for Every Storm Runs Out of Rain and saw this image and I knew.   The canvas … Read More

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Tackle it Tuesday–Hanging Stuff

You can see all of my Tackles here. * * * This week. I hung things up. Alright. Phil hung things up. But I stood nearby handing him screws, drills, levels, and pencils. So I helped. And I told him where to put things. I don’t have before pictures this week. Mostly because pictures of blank walls would be, well, … Read More

Tackle It Tuesday–$4 Garage Sale Table!

You can see all of my Tackles here. * * * I’d been looking for a craft table, figuring I’d spend $20 or so. I stopped at my brother’s house to visit one morning and when I left, I found this gem just a few houses down. (I called and made him come get it for me!) The best part? … Read More

Tackle It Tuesday–Surprise Under the Floor

, You can see all of my Tackles here. * * * It was supposed to be an easy job. Rip up the carpet, lay the new oak laminate floor. Done in four or five hours. Uh huh. Sure. “Honey, does it look like the floor’s bowing there by the window? Where’s your level?” “Yep, it’s bowed alright. I bet … Read More

Tackle It Tuesday–more remodeling

, You can see all of my Tackles here. * * * Are you sick of the construction photos yet? You should be. I am. I’m trying to be happy about all this change, but it’s tiring and I’m so done with the packing thing. Then there’s the banging upstairs and the cold and the dirt. Plus, I can’t go … Read More

Tackle It Tuesday. More Dormer Construction.

You can see all of my Tackles here. * * * Alrighty! Here’s a photo of Zane’s (former!) room last week as I emptied it in anticipation of our friend Sam coming to use his mad construction skillz.In case you missed last week or you’re too lazy to click here** to see last week’s post–I’ll update you. We’re moving, Sam … Read More

I Remember when…

When I was a little girl, I had a penchant for writing…anything. Ok, so I still do. I practiced my handwriting for endless hours. Yes, I still do this, too, but not for endless hours, but if I try out a new pen I write my name over and over. I smell books, too. Oh, sorry. That slipped. I loved … Read More