In the Dark

The moments that take my breath away are mostly unexpected last night around 11pm Unexpected lesson, too. With the right setting and focus, if the shutter is open long enough there is light and color and beauty even in almost midnight darkness so of course after the minor breakdown things certainly take on new meaning in light of this revelation … Read More

Artist Justin Vining-Regionalism Reborn

Remember my post, “Sway–Over the Moon?” Artist Justin Vining has inspired my creativity lately and now, I’ve inspired him! A few months ago, Justin posted a Facebook message asking for photos of farms. That was all I needed (an assignment!) I just happened to be driving up to Wisconsin to see one of my best friends (Delania) and spend her … Read More

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The challenge word issued last week that is “due” today is: FREE. Again with the struggle. Free. As in free without paying? No cost. Without sacrifice. Or maybe free as in no boundaries? No rules. No one and nothing holding me back. Able to do as I please. The creek. Free flowing. But bound by its banks. A bird. Free … Read More


The challenge word issued last week that is “due” today is: DORKY. This picture looks fake. I promise you, it is not! I took this photo the same morning I took this one. So I guess I cheated a little because this photo wasn’t taken this week. But–I am giving a week worth’s of words so maybe it’s not cheating! … Read More