Second Quetzalcoal Dream

Two nights ago I had another Quetzalcoatl dream. December 8th.

It was my job to crack open the delicate ceramic greenware. They were large Christian crosses, but not so large I couldn’t hold them. Maybe 2 ½ x 2 feet. They looked like a combination of these two crosses:

They had the shape of the first, but the design of the second and they were greenware, so they looked more like the second.

My job was to hold the crosses flat and smack the back sides smartly against the flat surface I was standing before. When I did it right (and I didn’t mess any up in the dream) the whole back came off to reveal what was true and real.

I don’t exactly know what that means. Every time I cracked one open, a little gust of wind came out and flew away from my body and I was awestruck. No matter how many I opened, the feeling of awe was staggering. I thought, while doing my job, that if everyone understood the truth, if everyone knew what was hidden in the ceramic greenware crosses, they still wouldn’t take the job, but I was humbled that it was my job.

Quetzalcoatl responded to my thoughts as I opened the next cross and the wind, instead of going away from me, swirled around my body like a coil from my feet up to my head and then he hovered at my eyes. He told me I was chosen for the job, then he was gone.

Here is my first Quetzalcoatl dream.

Quetzalcoatl is the Aztec god of intelligence, self-reflection, and creation.

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Quetzalcoatl. Again.

I had a dream about Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god of intelligence, self-reflection, and creation July 1st.

On Twitter today, Donna Shepherd linked to a new crop circle found at Etchillhampton Hill and I read this:

Close parallels between Christian and Mayan symbolism

The new crop picture from Etchilhampton Hill shows clear Christian symbolism—“there will be signs on the Earth”—but also shows Mayan symbolism as well. Thus when Cortez and other Spanish invaders conquered central America around 1520 AD, they were shocked to find “crosses” in some of the native holy sites (see HERE or HERE). They also heard legends of the Flood, and saw rituals of child baptism. All of these seemed to originate from a visit to central America by white missionaries and teachers around 60 AD (see “In Search of Quetzalcoatl” by Pierre Honore, 1961). The new picture also matches closely in style an astronomical eclipse glyph that appeared at Furze Knoll on June 20, 2008, thereby suggesting that both were made by the same artist.

On top of that, I watched the DaVinci Code last night.

I can feel a story brewing. Not to mention the fact that I’m just a tad bit freaked out.

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Quetzalcoatl Dream

I had a dream last night.

I was shot in the head. The bullet entered the top/back of my head and exited near the start of my spine on my neck. But I didn’t die, I turned into a slow-version of myself, walking like a zombie. Then I saw Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god of intelligence, self-reflection, and creation and said, “I knew you were there!” He was levitating, lying down, floating in the air and he looked like lightning. I knew his name was Quetzalcoatl. He transferred lightning electricity to my body (for a really long time) and I was no longer in slow motion.

I didn’t know Quetzalcoatl was an Aztec god of intelligence, self-reflection, or creation until I Googled him first thing this morning before I could forget his name. Very strange.

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