Thirteen Thursday

Thirteen Reasons I Won’t Be Home Today

1. Too many dirty dishes in the sink.

2. The Shafer Queen

3. The Cornball Express

4. The Sea Dragon

5. Giant Mutant Carp (come back tomorrow for pictures)

6. Homemade waffle cones dripping with melting ice cream.

7. Popcorn for the carp.

8. A picnic with my boys.

9. The old time picture studio

10. Lemon shake-ups

11. Chocolate covered bananas

12. The Skyride (When I was a teenager, my Uncle caught me smoking from this ride. He spotted me from up above and yelled down at me, “Michelle Lynn! Are you smoking?” Indeed, I was.

13. Indiana Beach

Phil won’t be riding anything today, he’ll just watch Zane and I and take pictures.

Thirteen Thursday

Thirteen Reasons I Miss Driving My Semi

1. I miss driving the graveyard shift because I always had a book on tape. I especially miss having the time to listen to completely unabridged Stephen King books (usually read by him.)

2. I miss waking up in a new place every day.

3. I miss experiencing the unique qualities of the different parts of America.

4. I miss taking character notes from the wierdos in the truck stops.

5. I miss homemade etoufeè from southern Louisiana.

6. I miss the Montana Big Sky.

7. I especially miss seeing the mountains.

8. I miss the time Phil and I spent together, it is so hard to live life now without him near me all day every day.

9. I miss the wide openness of Texas.

10. I miss getting to stop at places to be a tourist.

12. I miss the driving.

13. I miss talking on the CB.

Thirteen Books I Want To Read

In no particular order:

1. The Time Traveler’s Wife
2. Gilead
3. Peace Like A River
4. Wuthering Heights
5. Characters and Viewpoints
6. The Barbarian Way
7. From Where You Dream: The Process of Writing Fiction
8. To Kill A Mockingbird (reading now)
9. Lisey’s Story (reading now)
10. Tom Sawyer
11. Catch-22
12. Catcher In The Rye
13. Ender’s Game