Terms & Conditions

We are co-creators in this journey. Helping you matters to me and for that reason, I think it’s important to be clear on the next steps.

Coaching Agreements:

1. You agree to be coachable.

This starts with you. I can help you untangle issues, dig deep into soul matters, identify patterns that keep you from being the best you, but you have to agree, to be honest with me–and most importantly–honest with yourself. This will likely be difficult. Making long-lasting life changes is one of our goals in the process. You have to show up and do the work required. You have to be diligent. You have to be willing.

2. I agree to gently lead you.

If I might use an analogy–think of this time together as a road trip. We depart in one place, take a journey, and then finally arrive at our destination. From start to finish, there are many roads we can choose. Some of the roads are quick. Some are bumpy and rough, and yet others are more of a slow, scenic view. We might run into construction or traffic jams. We might have to take detours. We might reach our originally decided destination and realize that we need to add a destination.

Every coaching relationship will be different. I can’t guarantee the same chiseled-in-stone results for everyone because everyone comes to this agreement with unique experiences, opinions, issues, blocks, desires, dreams, and everything else.

Often, I’ll have an intuitive thought or question and will speak with you about it. I’m not attached to being right, so if I’m off base, let me know. When the question feels like a bit of a dagger to you, you should pay attention and let me know that as well. If it strikes a chord, it’s something we need to explore.

What I give you is a container to safely place your innermost being. You will feel heard, loved, appreciated, accepted, and hopeful. It is my intent to help you untangle life. You have come to me in a place where you need help and I help. Even if you don’t yet know what your end goal is, I can help with that as well. I want you to be fully YOU. We’ll dissect your beliefs and opinions and get down to the core of your truth.

I want you to love your truth and learn to shine in your loving choices.

3. I agree to always be truthful.

As you share your life with me–your stories, struggles, and issues, I promise to be truthful in all situations. At times the truth might be easy to digest, at other times, you might not like that I’ve pointed out a deep-seated lie you’ve been believing for so long that the beginning of the lie can’t be pinpointed. However, it is important to your journey that we uncover those lies and untruths. Our goal will be set straight your alignment.

4. You agree to take responsibility.

Every second of every day, you make choices. You might not be aware of patterns of negative choices. My promise to you is that I will gently help you realize them. Your responsibility is to own the choices you make and have made. Together we can forge a new path of positivity.

5. I agree to keep your information confidential. Period.

To get the most of out your coaching experience:

  • Make our time together a priority.
  • Complete your action items.
  • I suggest you send an email update for the previous week’s action items letting me know how your week went, how you integrated the action items, your feelings about them, hardships or challenges, and victories. This update will help guide your weekly call.
  • Be willing to shift things and try new things. Be willing to give new ideas time to integrate.
  • Be willing to shed and release things that no longer serve your highest good.



  • Fees are to be paid prior to coaching sessions.
  • Non-refundable
  • You will receive this coaching agreement, a contract, and an invoice.
  • $25 cancellation fee. (24 hours advance notice required except in emergencies)

Session Procedures:

  • We will both call in or join via the web at the number/link I provide.
  • Session will be recorded. Audio and/or video will be uploaded to a Google Drive folder that is shared with you.
  • Have your journal with you.
  • I’m available to you via email anytime you need support. Take advantage of that! I’m here for you. I will respond within 24 hours or less.