My appreciation for God, my life, my study of Scripture–none of those will ever be the same again. I mean that from the depths of my soul.

From the Producer of The Passion of the Christ, Stephen McEveety, comes The Star of Bethlehem.

This documentary takes us on Attorney Rick Larson’s journey from a Christmastime yard display of the Wise Men to some very incredible and powerful discoveries the sky has been holding–and we are able to witness the phenomenal poetry that is Christ’s birth that God set in motion when He first laid out the universe.

It might sound melodramatic for me to say that this hour-long documentary was nearly as powerful to me as was The Passion of the Christ, however, it is the truth.

And remember when you saw The Passion of the Christ, how quiet and still you became? Do you remember how deep in your soul you felt Christ’s love?

This is like that.

The exception is this is not about Christ’s pain and suffering. This is about God’s majesty. His Power. His creativity.

While it starts off slow, it certainly ends with a bang. A big, cuts-like-a-knife emotional bang.

And I can’t give it away.

It’s about The Star of Bethlehem, what the skies looked like around Christ’s conception and birth as well as when the Magi’s came from the East. It continues to astound with communication from the sky at the hour Christ cried out, “My God, my God, why have you foresaken me?”

You can buy the DVD here. It is only $11.85 or 6 for $60. (I seriously think I’m buying six as Christmas gifts.)

Here is a 2ish minute promo video, but it does not do justice to the whole story.

You can also visit and read for yourself. But that’s really not as effective as watching the footage.

Final note. I’m having a hard time labeling this as a review. It’s an immense blessing that right now, I’m having trouble comprehending. It’s that big.

Please. See for yourself. Then come back and talk to me about it.

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