We are back from the Wonderful World of Disney! We hit all 4 parks in 3 days and rode all of the major attractions (minus Space Mountain) We got stuck in the Epcot Ball and had to walk out. We got stuck in Haunted Mansion and Zane got freaked out.

He LOVES BIG roller coasters! I am SO glad to finally have a “roller coaster buddy” He went on Rock-n-roller coaster that goes from zero to sixty in 2.8 seconds and has 3 upside downs (all in the dark). He got off jumping up and down squealing with delight saying “Can we do that again mommy?!”

We also visited The Holy Land Experience. Very cool place! The cast is extremely talented! We were taken aback in the replicated marketplace when Jesus appeared and called Matthew from collecting taxes, healed the woman afflicted for 12 years with a bleeding problem, healed a blind man and called the children down to teach them. Zane thought it was so very cool that he got to go sit right up front and listen! It was a very moving reinactment. Zane also appreciated seeing a replica of Jesus’ borrowed tomb. His favorite part was walking through the Scriptorium. I am so glad that he appreciated things like he does. Not every 5 year old would enjoy a place like this!