Why yes, I am warped thank you very much!

I didn’t realize that people were leaving comments for me at Flashing In The Gutters where my flash fiction piece When The Bough Breaks resides.

I saw that someone got to my blog via the story so I clicked and I found this comment from Heather “A once-inch horrifying frame. I read it through twice like staring at the surgery channel. You just can’t seem to change the channel.”

I’m telling you…I’m walking on the clouds right now! I won’t let m’head get too big, I promise. Heather, thank you for that comment. I guess most people don’t understand why it means so much, but us warped people think those kind of compliments are the best!

Thanks to everyone else who commented. (Even my mom read it! She didn’t even tell me that, I found her comment just now.) I really appreciate you reading through the story.

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