Wolf Dream

I had a dream last night.

I was a child, at grandmas house. It was when great grandpa lived there. I had to take the garbage out, it was dark out.

I took it to the alley and there was a wolf. I had something in my hand that was food, I think. I threw it to distract the wolf so I could get back to the house, but it got the morsel and came to me looking for more. I put my hand out and pet it, trying to act like I wasn’t scared, but I was. The wolf was circling me but letting me pet it and I wouldn’t look it in the eye.

I don’t know why it left, but it did and I went back into grandma’s house. Great grandpa was sitting in his chair.


I’ve been writing about my childhood. And I was supposed to take the trash out to the street this morning. Easy enough to see where the dream came from, but it seems more significant than that.

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