Zane and Justin Vining

Justin is painting a mural at the Valparaiso International Center (the VIC) and we stopped by today to watch. My plan was to have Zane see someone (other than me because I don’t count right now since I’m mom and teacher) working on their art and to hopefully inspire him to want to move away from video games and TV and computer.

My plan worked better than I thought. I handed Zane my camera and told him to get up next to Justin and shoot. He did a fabulous job! Justin then decided it was time for Zane to paint. Justin set Zane up with the tools and a few pointers, then he grabbed my camera and spent quite a bit of time with Zane as the star artist.

It takes a special person to turn things around like Justin did for Zane. I can only imagine the ripples this will have in Zane’s life.   Thank you, Justin. From the bottom of my heart–thank you. You’ve made a difference.

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