The truth is that photographers are plentiful these days. Anyone can spend a few dollars on a camera, create a logo, open a Facebook page and website and call themselves a photographer. My story isn’t all that different, at the core. Except that I’ve had a camera in my hand since I can remember–and I owe my equipment upgrade to toilet paper.


In 2006,  I was heavy into monetizing my blog and a company I blogged for held a contest for a new point and shoot digital camera. (This was before phones had decent cameras.) I entered by posting a sob story of blurry pictures. It was ingenious enough to win the new HP point and shoot. Score!

I played with that camera for a couple years, but it wasn’t until I won five-hundred dollars in a toilet paper Twitter contest in 2009 that I went pro. I followed White Cloud’s Twitter contest, answered all of the questions and won a $500 Walmart gift card and a huge box of toilet paper. When the gift card came, I used it for our weekly $100 grocery budget and saved the cash. After five weeks, I ordered a Canon EOS Rebel Xti, a couple of lenses, a tripod, and I went to work learning the ropes.


When my mom died in 2010, it pushed my photography to a new level. I could not find one single picture of myself as an adult with my mom and it still hurts my heart that it was this way. My deepest desire is that no one ever feels the way I did realizing there was not another chance to have a photo of my mom and me together.

Since 2006, I’ve lost a loved one to suicide, my best friend to breast cancer, my grandparents, and both of my parents, not to mention my husband’s grandparents and his parents.


Death has taught me that this existence is fragile.

I don’t just take pictures. And this isn’t a cliched account of how I take memories.


My gift is seeing the soul and essence of a person and I capture that. And I do it well–because I know how fleeting this life is.


I’ve since upgraded my toilet paper camera and I’m more than confident in my gift.

I’d love to talk to you more about your needs (unless you want me to do a wedding, then it’s going to cost you a pretty penny for that because I just don’t find joy in shooting weddings.) I love (in this order) my signature equine sessions, maternity shoots, custom sessions for women’s empowerment, high school seniors, engagements, family sessions, and kid sessions.

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