i. My husband. Since the first time I laid eyes on him in that traffic jam to every day when I look into his eyes. He is constantly growing and improving himself, becoming softer, easier, more relaxed. He always catches me and holds me up and lays me down. He is one of the beautiful humans on this earth and he’s my person.

ii. Soft, creamy mixed media journal pages that other people seem to do but I can’t. The ones with the brown craft paper and milky white paint, little flowers drawn in black, light pale blue dots, ancient ephemera, off white lacy paper…sigh

iii. Soft places to land. My husband’s arms. My bed and covers. Blanket fort on the couch. I need soft things right now.

iv. Looking through my old photographs of horses, remembering how I would just say I wanted to be with horses and a herd would show up and I’m longing for that now.

v. Horses. Their energy, their willingness to teach and help us move through our emotions.

vi. Comfort food. Pierogi. Haluski. Fried fish. Chicken pot pie. Homemade mac and cheese with bacon on top.

vii. Clean and uncluttered spaces. Airy feelings. Spring cleaning.

viii. Hot tea. Chamomile with clover honey.

ix. Delicate flowers.

x. Zelenskyy.

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