i. My morning ritual. Coffee. Smoke cleansing with my own mix. Journaling. More coffee. Sometimes yoga. I haven’t been good at doing yoga daily lately because of weird feeling possible injuries, so I’ve been listening to my body. It is time to start again, though.

ii. Sunny days and blue skies. The smell of lilacs. Pine needles. Earth. Dirt. Breathing outside in our backyard.

iii. Yoga. (when I do it.) When Adriene says to unfurl my brow and unclench my jaw, to drop my shoulders and ground down, it relaxes me deeply.

iv. Getting out of my head and into my body. I need more of that. I have been horrible lately. Like a giant wobbly headed caricature ready to fall over.

v. Going on short adventures with Phil. I think working Saturdays puts a stress on us because we can’t get away one day and spend the next relaxing. If we adventure on Sunday, we both have to work on Monday.

vi. Horses. The smell of horses and hay and the barn. Horse breath on my cheek. Dirt on my boots. Dirt under my fingernails after gives scratches to horse.

vii. Being with physical horses doesn’t seem to be available to me right now, so I’m trying to connect to them in spirit. It is helping me feel a bit more grounded and relaxed.

viii. Cannabis

ix. Grounding. Feet on the grass. In the winter that’s a little harder to do, so I’m feeling not so grounded lately.

x. Floating. I love the float spa.

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