Cowboy Christmas Tree

‘Tis the Season **coughcoughscroogecoughcough**

Let’s set the record straight. I love the season for what it is, a time to celebrate Jesus. The spirit of giving. If it was really that simple… But it’s not. I try to make it be, but inevitably, there is more. So I’m a scrooge. I fully admit it. I love putting up my tree, I love listening to … Read More

Preview: Our Cowboy Christmas Tree

It’s working!!! I ordered real horseshoes from Ebay at a cost of about $1 each (including shipping.) Some even have the nails still in them! I tied some suede string around them and Voila! The chile peppers are from the Walmart craft section, they have all sorts of plastic fruits and vegetables. They were $1 and each set had 3 … Read More