Healthy Eating

Mucho Excellent News!!

My follow up appointment with my endocrinologist (who specializes in chronic inflammation) was today and the results of all my bloodwork and salivary hormone tests were (for the most part) excellent news!  Excellent because everything is fixable!! Which is a HUGE relief!! So far (with Levoxyl) my thyroid levels are at a good range. I have a significant Vitamin D … Read More

Not only MSG, Additive, Preservative, and Chemical Free–Now Gluten Free

I went to see an endocrinologist in August and she asked me to go gluten free. (Ok. Dairy free, too, but one step at a time!!) We’ve been eating gluten free since September 1.   I’ve been doing (almost) daily updates on Facebook in case you want to follow along. I waited many months for my appointment with the endocrinologist … Read More

First Endocrinologist Appointment

I am so excited to report that today’s appointment was wonderful!  Dr. LaSalle is not only and endocrinologist, but  also Medical Director of Integrative Medicine, which means she treats the whole body using alternative and conventional medicine.  She studied under the direction of the man who established the field of integrative medicine. After today’s visit, I feel confident that we’ll … Read More

Freezing Sweet Corn on the Cob

Freezing sweet corn on the cob is so simple. 1. Shuck it (take the husks & silks off) 2. Blanch it (Boil it for 6 minutes) 3. Cool it (in ice water) 3. Freeze it (in Ziplocs) That’s it. At $2.00/dozen, I’m freezing about 10 dozen on the cob and 5 dozen off the cob. $30 for a year’s worth … Read More