How to Traumatize Your Kid

Lovely thoughts of Christmases long gone fill my mind. Pierogi and fried lake perch. Snowballs and kolachy.  Midnight Mass.  Big family dinners at grandma’s house. Then. We’d walk across the alley back to our house, all excited for Santa to come. Dad would get his gun out and start teasing that he was going to shoot Rudolph. He was a … Read More


Update September 6, 2008: Thank you Maddy for the award! Snowballs are a Slovak tradition in our family. (So are kolachy but I didn’t make those for Christmas this year. I’ll get in trouble for not making them and end up doing them for our New Year’s Day dinner.) As a kid I used to help my Baba (grandma) roll … Read More

‘Tis the Season **coughcoughscroogecoughcough**

Let’s set the record straight. I love the season for what it is, a time to celebrate Jesus. The spirit of giving. If it was really that simple… But it’s not. I try to make it be, but inevitably, there is more. So I’m a scrooge. I fully admit it. I love putting up my tree, I love listening to … Read More

Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving for 18 or more, here, at my house. Those with asterisks are what Phil and I are making. Jen’s bringing the family recipe cheese ball and baking the birthday cake, my sister in law is making the scalloped potatoes and the apple cranberry sauce and my mom and sister are bring the veggies and pies. We’re having our dinner … Read More