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Artuality–Month 2

Heather Goodman has started a monthly festival: Artuality. This is month 2. Artuality is a festival for artists and art lovers to share the place of art in their lives. Every month we’ll focus on a different art form. This month we’re talking about movies. When I first read Heather’s prompt question for this month, “How have movies or a … Read More

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Special Darling

I didn’t know Grandma Schalk wrote poetry. Poetry isn’t usually my cup of tea, but the poem I want to share today (and I’ll be sharing one tomorrow about Phil) have nearly done me in. I’ve cried more tears over these two poems than I care to admit. Grandma Schalk would have celebrated her 93rd year on this earth December … Read More

Painting Lessons at the Funeral Home

I wasn’t brought up sophisticated. Yet, somehow art found its way into my heart. Or maybe it was always there and I had to let it out? I was fascinated by a print of tree roots my mom had hung by our front door. It was a rather popular print back in the 70’s and I was told it was … Read More

Meet the Family

Lloyd (standing), Denny, Phil, Zane, Grandma Schalk, Phil’s step-dad (standing), Phil’s mom Meet the family. First there’s Lloyd. He was, at birth, chosen to be the son to stay. Is there a technical term for this? Lloyd was never allowed to date let alone think of moving out or getting married. He needed to remain at home to take care … Read More