Listen To Your Mother {Eastern Iowa} Cast Announced

A little story: The first Mother’s Day after my mom passed away, this girl was producing a northwest Indiana show for Mother’s Day called Listen to Your Mother. She invited me and I declined. I was appreciative and wanted to support her, but I didn’t think I could deal with the emotions. She emailed a few days later and asked if … Read More

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The challenge word issued last week is: BITTER. I first wanted to take a photo (somehow) of my feelings of bitterness towards the church (in general) for being so legalistic. But the more I thought about it, the deeper I dug a hole. If I take a picture of a church building, that’s just a building. It has nothing to … Read More

FRO–Always the Eccentric

The purpose of Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You (every Thursday) is to link up a post about something from your past. You can reach back all the way to your childhood and bravely post pictures of your ‘fro (don’t act like you didn’t have a bad hair style. I know you did) or post something from last year and tell … Read More