Report: Day Two & Three Without TV. Superbowl Weekend.

I was trying to work on a new short story and I just can’t concentrate. I thought I’d blog for a few minutes–y’know, clear my head.

Saturday went horrendous without TV. Phil got tons of stuff done that he has put off hasn’t had time to do, like making our shower work. We thought maybe our well pump was going out. Turns out, the fixtures were full of gunk. That’s the part about living out here in the middle of nowhere that I like the least. Our water sucks. It’s hard, metallic, rusty, and gross. We buy lots of salt and filters.

He also moved our thermostat. With the woodburning stove (we sound like Little House on the Prairie, don’t we?) Anyway, I have a tendency to make the house way too hot, like 90-100 degrees in the living room. Ask Jen. We had all the windows in the living room open when we watched Indochine and it was still 86 degrees in the house.

Phil finished cleaning the garage and changed the oil in his car.

I screwed around on the computertried to write. I read a lot of research stuff. Watched some videos of Elvis singing and JFK getting shot. Read about the Miami Indian tribe and the mounds here in Starke County.

I cleaned out the fridge. Took a shower. Played a round of some survival game with Zane and Phil. Yelled at Eplained to Zane why we couldn’t watch TV.

Oh yeah, and I played with my oil crayons. I drew the flower and colored the leaf (I had did a pencil rubbing of the leaf in the fall, I found it in the sketch pad and started coloring).

I almost color coded my books, but I wanted to work on my story which is stuck at about 2,000 words.

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Report: Day One Without TV

Zane was dismayed, flabbergasted, and upset at first, but I explained that he’s an addict watching too much Zack and Cody and Hanna Montana. (I still like her mullet king dad, I like him better now than in his Achy Breaky days. And Miley has a stunning voice.)

He started crying because he was looking forward to watching the brand new Tony Hawk episode of The Suite Life (even kids have been affected by the Writer’s Guild strike) that was on last night, so I caved allowed him that episode and the premier episode of some new Disney Channel show. I mean, I did spring this on the kid without warning.

How did Phil respond? My husband, who detests watching sports, has never watched a sporting event, and who used to make fun of me for watching the Bulls in their prime, says, “But I was going to watch the Superbowl.”

Are you kidding me?

So I say, okay. We’ll watch the Superbowl. Or you can. I don’t want to watch it.

And what did I do? I stayed completely away from the TV, I was the only one who could make it through one day. Yes, I’m a liar, too.

Jen had invited herself and the kids over because they had a snow day and she and I watched Indochine.

Hey. It was research for a story I’m working on.

No TV?

My son is going to hate me when he wakes up today.

On a whim, I decided to take a no TV challenge from a new blog I found browsing Wordless Wednesday photos.

4 Little Men is the blog–I don’t know the author yet, but I think we’ll get along. She’s artsy and spunky.

So, I guess for the next month you’ll get to hear me whine blog about the joys of my son living with no TV for the month of February.

I’ll let him earn a movie a week and let him play he Wii, especially since he’s got Endless Ocean–GREAT educational game! Not to mention that we’re doing a thematic lesson on Oceans for school.

Here goes nothing!

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