Protecting her boy’s shoe. Protecting her new toys.

My Free Garden

But first, we interrupt this message with a cute Patches photo: What a bargain hunter I am! Since corn on the cob is to Indiana girls as waves are to surfers, I had to take advantage of the local (okay, it was an hour away. But local to my mom’s house) Farmer’s store. Not farmer’s market, but store. It’s been … Read More

As Promised–Puppy Pictures!

Meet Patches. She’s a mutt and she was free, but she loves Zane. Totally. No one else. She’ll tell me if she has to pee if she can’t find Zane, but Patches is clearly Zane’s puppy. And she’s adorable. Click on this photo to enlarge it and get a good look at those blue eyes!! Look at that brindle in … Read More