“Autumn Spirit”


My dad took me “hunting” when I was a little girl. He sat me down at the bottom of a tree just a little ways from his. I remember a fawn coming to me, letting me pet him, and I could see his mama just a off in the distance a bit. Two parents watching their children take some calculated risks while watching intently from nearby.

I’ve since considered deer one of my life long spirit animals.

My brother is also a hunter. He’s also one of the biggest supporters of my art.

I started painting five years ago when mom died. I painted her ashes onto canvas for each of us.

My brother soon started sending me photos of things to paint. He’s also one of my biggest challengers. He pushes me to places I don’t believe I can go. He believes in me way more than I believe in myself.

He sent me a photo a few months ago and I took one look and said, “No. Way.”



And I almost gave up. I sent him this first picture and said, “Not sure this is going to work.”





I kept going, though, and it started to take shape.








And then it happened. I was beyond excited.






I stare at it now and feel some pretty strong emotion. I feel like it represents all those who have passed on and are watching over us. It represents that thing we think we can’t do. The thing too big for us. y’know–buck fever. It represents the challenge, the hunt, and the spirituality that comes from all of these things. That calculated risk that is faith.

I hope it means something to you, too. Please share. I’d love to hear your story.

* * * * * * * *

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