FRO. The Humiliation.

The purpose of Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You (every Thursday) is to link up a post about something from your past. You can reach back all the way to your childhood and bravely post pictures of your ‘fro (don’t act like you didn’t have a bad hair style. I know you did) or post something from last year and tell us about it.

* * *

As Marcy says: “Public humiliation is the new extreme sport!”

This must have been after my Confirmation. I look like the right age for that. Ick. I can hardly stand to look at this picture. I want to sweep those stupid bangs away from my glasses.

And change the glasses.

How can you miss that mess on my chin? Didn’t they have zit medicine back then??

And…and…oh the humiliation.

Turquoise earrings? With a pink shirt? Which was, by the way, one of my favoritest shirts ever and I wore it every other day.

Even better are the ashtrays (Plural. Not just one ashtray. More than one) on the table with the overturned Styrofoam cup, the nuts and nutcracker and the Jesus plate.

And what are those other things?? Easter eggs?? I can’t even tell.


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10 thoughts on “FRO. The Humiliation.”

  1. WOW.
    No seriously.

    You have so mastered this extreme sport. You might be ready for the X games I think.

    Beyond awesome FRO post!

  2. Dude. The freakin’ GOLD in extreme picture posting goes to you!

    You’re not the only one with photos like that, just the only one with BALLS big enough to let it go and post ’em. Kudos to you!

  3. This made me laugh. Not AT you. But WITH you. Because my parents have albums full of pictures of me like this. We had to pose with every @#$%& cake every time. Always with the cake! It was always: Sing or praise the person of honor. Then stop everything. NO cutting or slicing. Let's get the camera, gather around the cake and smile. Every time.
    Thanks for sharing.


    I totally have pictures like that.

    Anyone that went through THAT age in the 80’s – don’t lie – you KNOW you have pictures like this too! It’s just a fact.

    Girlfriend, that is just too funny.

  5. At least the existence of this photo led to a winning week. Because I think you won this week at the Fro. Not that it’s a competition or anything. But if it WAS, you won this week.

    (And I have a photo that looks that bad – unfortunately, it is in one of my yearbooks. Ack!)


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