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The opportunity presented itself to review How to Really Love Your Grandchild…in an Ever-Changing World and I knew my friend Carol would be the perfect guest reviewer.


How to Really Love Your Grandchild …in an Ever-Changing World

by D. Ross Campbell, M.D. with Rob Suggs.

Since I am in the not-so-unique position of a grandmother who is co-raising her grandson, with the recent addition of a 15-year-old nephew, this book was particularly relevant. It reinforced so many of the things that I am presently doing; while, at the same time, gave me new ideas of how to cope with the emotional needs of both of them.

One of the main things that I learned was that keeping their emotional tank filled, which is an endless need, can be accomplished in so many different small ways … such as with a simple touch or a small praise for something accomplished.

It is stressed that the grandparent must take care of themselves first, so that they are capable to taking care of their grandchildren … a point which is often forgotten. And, that grandparents need to set an example with both their words and their deeds, always looking for a chance to impart their beliefs to the young ones without being judgmental.

One very relevant point made is that the teachings of the Bible and the word of God must be introduced into the child’s life, whether it is a reinforcement of lessons learned from their parent or as an independent action. One point here … it is easily done when the child is young, but when a 15-year-old is suddenly introduced into a household, it is a much longer and harder process when he has had no prior training or exposure to a Christian life.

Two pleasant surprises at the end of the book included “Five Ways to Get the Most from this Book” and a chapter by chapter “Study Guide.” (which should have been noted at the front of the book because I almost missed them since they were after the “Postscript” which I rarely read. )

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