Happy Birthday Jen!!

I couldn’t resist helping Kimmie plan an intimate surprise party for Jen. Kimmie is the party plan, so I just hung on for the ride! We started at Kimmie’s house. When Jen walked in, she was greeted with a lot of happy kids, flowers and a bowl of wild raspberries that Sarah (Kimmie’s daughter) picked just for her. As we were sitting at the table, Jen eating her berries, me snacking on a few Sun Chips, Jen spied the ass wipes on the staircase. Of course, we couldn’t resist the photo op and eventual private joking about the ass wipes.

Next…Kimmie, Tracy and I took Jen out to Lucrezia’s for dinner…a tiny Italian restaurant with killer Martinis and scrumptious food!

We have new nicknames because of this experience.

Jen = Pucker

Kimmie = Frenchie

Tracy = Raspberry Beret

Mich = The Temptress

We chose our favorite Martini for the night and dubbed each other with the corresponding name. Would you like recipes?

Pucker Up: Apple vodka, sour apple liqueur, sweet and sour, garnished with a cherry
French: vodka, chambord & pineapple juice
Raspberry Beret: stoli razberi , chambord, & sweet & sour
Temptress: vodka, kahlua & frangelico

Kimmie made Jen the gorgeous moonstone necklace, bracelet and earrings (shown here,) as well as a personalized inspirational ditty Kimmie wrote tucked into a beautiful frame for her desk.

Tracy (the chocolate girl) gave Jen a journal and chocolate–what more could an author want?

What did I give Jen, you ask? Why office supplies, of course!

The pictures are bad and they don’t show her enthusiasm to her Post-its, index cards (colored, plain white and lined) pencils, pens, a stapler, staples, paper clips, very cool blue binder clips, notebooks, oh and the whopper–a box of copy paper, but trust me, she loved them.

More pictures for your viewing pleasure:

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jen!!”

  1. Happy Birthday Jen!!!!
    I wish I could’ve been there! It looks though, like the Funtastic Four had a Fabulous time even without any of my zany antics/accidents/accomplishments. (Ask Michelle about my wardrobe malfunction on my birthday, I’ll post about it eventually, but it’s for friendly ears only right now).
    Have a Wonderful Day!

    (duh, it just dawned on me I should probably post this on JEN’S blog)

  2. Laughing. And yes, Jill, I heard about your wardrobe malfunction. That’s got to go in a book. 😉

    Wow, I had a blast. Can believe you posted all those pics, Mich. What happened to, ‘what happens in Chesterton stays in Chesterton’?

  3. Sounds like fun! The martinis sound de-lish. I think I should try all of them. 😉 Glad you had a great night, Jen!


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