Happy Dance!!!!

It’s been almost 18 months since my first visit with my endocrinologist.

16 months since I went (militantly) gluten free on her recommendation.

12 months since starting adrenal meds.

3 months since starting a T3 supplement (in addition to the T4 I’ve taken for years.)

snoopy-danceToday, the adrenal failure diagnosis is officially gone!! My labs came back optimal for TSH, T3, and T4!!

I’ll still be working on lowering my cholesterol, getting my Vitamin D3 levels up some more, and taking a bunch of supplements for continued healing, but my adrenals are healed!!

I’m taking:

150mcg Synthroid
5mcg Cytomel
Vessel Care
65,000iu Vitamin D3 weekly
4000mg fish oil daily
1000mg Evening Primrose daily
200mg magnesium glycinate daily
B complex

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