Five Minute Friday.

Writing Prompt:  Remember

Start the timer…now…

Remember sneaking out of my bedroom window. Chilly air. Black hoodie. Meeting my bff and walking around the block again and again talking and giggling.

Sneaking out, thinking I was getting away with something. Climbing out so quietly. Climbing back in without a sound. How many nights did we do this?

Never did we do anything more than walk around the neighborhood. We could’ve talked anytime during the day and could’ve sat on the phone for hours, but yet, we both liked the excitement of sneaking out. The adrenaline rush. It starts early.

And then one night, I pushed the screen out and it didn’t give. It was locked in place somehow. In the morning I rushed out to see what made it stick.

A nail.

A nail for my sin and deceit.

My father had nailed that window shut

And now, hasn’t my heavenly Father also come to the cross, with nails…

(and time’s up.)

(whew. I did NOT expect that.)


and I had to go searching for a photo that would go with that…