Well, no make up.

Lisa Sampson issued a challenge and I thought about skipping it because I really, really hate to go out anywhere without make up. So, I went outside on my deck (because my house is just too messy right now and you are not going to see that) and snapped a few shots. I had Jen help me pick out the best one and her and the kids agreed this was it.

15 thoughts on “Naked”

  1. Are you kidding me? You look wonderfl! And you have a POND in your yard? And you’re in Indiana? How far are you from Lexington?!

  2. OK, I earn my living by putting Make-up on other people, but I have to say, you look lovely.
    The picture has a lot of power and your eyes are full of expression.

  3. Great pic, Mich. Love it. I don’t mind going without makeup. What I can’t do is a take a pic of me with no makeup because I hate ALL of my pics makeup or not. So even though I read Lisa’s challenge I can’t do it. Unless I can airbrush my picture first. Which…I’m guessing defeats the purpose. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Shanna! You made me smile! Yes–tons and tone of freckles and when I get out in the sun, watch out!

    I’ll have to post some pictures of Zane, his cute freckles are popping out!

  5. I LOVE the no make-up you…

    sometimes I wonder what we’re hiding – the lines, the blemishes, the imperfections… is it making us feel better or just perpetuating the myth that we can’t be who we are?

    sorry, didn’t mean to soap box…

    my digital’s down, but even if it wasn’t, don’t know if I’m as brave as you – your beauty gives me hope!

  6. I love the freckles, too. That was my first thought when I saw this. And your hair looks pretty, too, Michelle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I figured out what was wrong…why I couldn’t post a comment–I had to change my Blogger account to the new version.

    AND WHEN I DID, IT TOTALLY MESSED WITH MY INFO >:(! GRRRRrrrr (lost my profile, and since I’m blogging at TypePad now, I wasn’t inclined to update it. That, and being ticked that it vanished!).

    Anyway, you’ve gotten my email, so you know my initial thoughts ;). This IS a great picture; I’m trying to visit everyone who posted, at least the peeps from Lisa’s blog. It has been a fantastic exercise, lemme tell ya. I’m “meeting” some great new bluddies…like I needed to expand my Bloglines…

    Back soon (and thanks for your thoughts behind the scenes ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

  8. This is awesome! Wish I had DSL before today and could have participated. You are gorgeous. Love your hair color. I usually never wear make-up…so my post would have to have been ‘Masked’…with it on! LOL.


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