Oh the Stress (and excitement)

I just realized that Thanksgiving is almost here.

That means that we get to put up our brand new 12′ tree we bought on clearance last year.

And we usually do that, well, like I should be getting ready now because I certainly don’t have decorations for a tree that size.


And we’re not having Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, we’re going to see the special Star Wars Exhibit. So we’ll either have to decorate the tree after the museum and I have a feeling we’ll be too worn out for that, or on Sunday because Phil works Friday and dinner with the family is here on Saturday. And Phil promised he’d help me decorate if we got the 12′ tree. He has wanted that for years.


I’ll have to do some decoration shopping, I wonder if I can do that online? I absolutely hate shopping.

2 thoughts on “Oh the Stress (and excitement)”

  1. Sounds like the makings of a great homeschool assignment! Have your “student”:-) do on-line research on a topic about the season and then hand make decorations to show what he’s learned. It could be something progressive in nature–the Christmas story from Matthew–or historical–say the look of Santa through the years–or international–Christmas symbols from around the world. Just thinking off the top of my head here. But maybe that’s enough to get things moving. Incorporate an essay of sorts to explain the theme and choices. Make a graph to plan it out. Already that’s Reading, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and I’ll bet you could get Science in there, too, somehow. It could work. Be sure to post a pic of the tree when you’re done!
    Love ya!

  2. One year when we got a second tree I didn’t have enough ornaments either. So I wandered the house collecting things. I stuck little stuffed toys into the branches, and my daughters toy tea-set. I gathered pine cones everywhere I could and stuck them in as well. Silk poinsettas, fake fruit, whatever. I loved that tree!
    If you do buy ornaments, get BIG ones. They will look great on a tree that size and of course, you won’t need as many.


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