Out of the Box–Bokeh-licious

Depth of field  is the quantity of out of focus areas whereas “bokeh” is the quality of out of focus areas.   You know, the dreamy circles that show up in the out of focus area?  That’s bokeh.

Here’s my bokeh:

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We also do a photo challenge here called Popinjay. This week’s prompt word is: Disorganized.

Here’s a description of what Popinjay is all about.

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4 thoughts on “Out of the Box–Bokeh-licious”

  1. Thank you for explaining this! The Japanese have words for so many things that we don’t in English. One of my faves is “wabisabe.” There’s also a word that describes the sound of the wind through maple leaves, but I can’t recall it. I will check out ‘popinjay’ – another great word! ~Tui


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