Phil’s Stockpile (Free stuff)

Phil had a bad day yesterday, I could tell by his voice on the phone. He’d already worked 13 hours, my car broke down (one more thing for him to fix) and to top it off, I left the dog outside and she ripped the siding off the house near the front and the back doors.

Let me just say right here and now how much I love my husband for fixing everything that breaks. I’ve yet to see something he can’t fix. And damn he looks good in that do-rag. (I love you honey!)

It was my sister’s birthday yesterday and Zane baked her cake, so when my car broke down, my dad had to drive an hour to pick us up.

Zane and I also had plans to go to the water park in the evening with some friends. Here’s Zane is with a Mountain Dew (because we were broke down. Like I let my kid drink that all the time? Cut me some slack), some popcorn and my Joe Hill book. (You know who Joe Hill is don’t you?)

When I got home, Phil was already in bed. But I’ll be dipped in butter and rolled in chocolate chips or something like that if I didn’t see a little pile of stuff on the dining room table all set up just begging to have its picture taken.

I jumped on the bed and giggled like a little girl. “Did you do that? Did you get all that free?” I could see his proud smile in the dark. He did!

Last month, he spent $52 at Menards and I sent in all the rebates for him.

Yesterday, he spent his $52 rebate check on all of the new rebate stuff and I’ll send in those rebate forms for another check!

Hurry girls!! Teach your husbands how to Menard’s!!

  • Panasonic AA 4 Pack Batteries($1.50), limit 2. $1.50 rebate per pack
  • White Lightning Painters Premium Caulk($1.49) (white and clear), limit 4. $1.00 rebate per tube
  • TurtleWax Micro Fiber Wax Applicator Kit ($4.00), limit 2, $4.00 rebate per kit
  • 2″ Angle Sash or 3″ Trim Paint Brushes ($4.00), limit 4, $4.00 rebate per brush
  • TurtleWax 2.5 sq.ft. Chamois or 12″ Squeegee Car Dryer ($4.99), limit 2, $5.00 rebate per item
  • 23oz Black Magic Tire Wet ($4.00), limit 2, $4.00 rebate per bottle

4 thoughts on “Phil’s Stockpile (Free stuff)”

  1. oohhh…young grasshopper learn well from Master Mich!!!

    I didn’t know you broke down!!! When will you guys catch a break?!? Lemme know if you need anything 🙂

  2. Did I ever tell you that Grasshopper was my first CB handle? LOL I was Grasshoppah learning from Master Phil how to drive the big truck!


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