Platypus Poop

Mammogram Funny #1

My friend offered to take me to my mammogram and ultra sound and watch my child today. On the way to pick me up, she picked up her kids from school first. Their family is a “medical family” if I can use that term. Her kids are rather well-versed and since we both agree to tell the truth to all of our kids, when Mark (age 9) was worried and asked why I was at the hospital, Kim told him I was having a mammogram. Mark wasn’t sure what that was and asked. Sarah (age 7) piped up in pure humble Sarah-know-it-all style and said, “You know! It’s the beaver with the beak”

“What?!” Kim asked.

“You know mommy, that beaver animal with the beak like a duck?”

“Sarah, that’s a platypus not a mammogram!!” Kim laughed.

So when I post the update on my platypus, surely you’ll know what I’m talking about!

(We figured out that Sarah was getting mammogram confused with mammal and a platypus is a mammal, therefore, I was having a platypus.)

Mammogram Funny #2

I was discussing the mammogram with Phil and our child said, “What’s a mammogram?”

I said, “An x-ray of mommy’s breast.”

(This is the child who was self weaned–we call it a “ninny”)

“What’s a breast?” they asked.

Phil and I answered in stereo, I said, “ninny” Phil said, “boob.”

Our child yelled, “Yuuuuuccccck,” and made the most horrible face. I really couldn’t figure out the distortion of their face. He has never thought that a breast was something gross and I’m pondering this when he says, “Mommy, WHY would they want to x-ray your poop?”  They couldn’t make out what each of us was saying and heard “poop” instead of “boob” LOL

And this shall forever be known as The Platypus Poop day. 😉

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