5 thoughts on “Popinjay–Caged”

  1. AGAIN. I love this painting. Before long, I need to buy one of your paintings.. so I can have an original Pendergrass. You know, before you become some hoity toity artist whose paintings sell for hundreds of dollars. (Because then I won’t be able to afford one.) 😉

    I need to think of something good and get a Popinjay up. I never ever could think of something for Selfless. *sigh*

  2. OH, I LOVE this…it’s beautiful! I agree with Amber, one of these days, I’ll have to commission an original Pendergrass for my living room!!!

  3. I love it! You’re so talented, Mich. Thanks for sharing your creative journey as of late. I don’t paint but as you’ve shared, I’ve felt spurred on to do my own creating. So thanks.

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