Popinjay Introduction

pop-in-jay–noun–a person given to vain, pretentious displays and empty chatter.

In other words, blogging. 😉

Isn’t that what this personal blogging is all about? Me. Me. Me. For this photo challenge, that’s perfect. We’re going to dig inside of ourselves and do some “concept photography.”

I’m going to give you a word and you’re going to take a photo of something that describes the concept of the word.

  • You CANNOT take pictures of your kids or your pets for this challenge. Or anyone else’s kids or pets. I know they’re precious, but they make your creative bone lazy. Let’s get outside of the box. Let’s be challenged.
When I succeed in making that little box that you can copy code out of, I’ll do that. For now I’m going to put up a Mr. Linky and get things going. I’ll worry about the rest of the stuff later. 🙂
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