Shattered Goodbye

Through the darkness you walked
In depths unfathomable
I reached out
you couldn’t see
I called
you couldn’t hear

Darkness defined the path;
walled you in.
Midnight has never seen
this expanse of black

You thought you were alone.
You carried more than there was.
You pulled it along
Wore yourself out

You stumbled.
You fell.
I couldn’t pick you up
I couldn’t reach

You were so far away

Helplessness swallowed me whole
I cried out
To the only One capable
The One strong enough to sustain

His invincible hand
Shattered the night
Shards flew;
Severed deep the dark.

He offered rest
Gave His hand
Picked you up
Swaddled you with love

His sturdy hand
Laid bare your soul
He broke through eternity;
Watched dark fall

He saw your anguish
Felt your torment
Knew your agony
Wept over your suffering

He picked you up
Carried you home
Where He is the light;
Nothing is hidden.

He wipes your tears
Hurt no more
Breathe His fragrance
Lavish in His love.

Draw from the living water
Bask in the warmth
Of Jehovah-rophe:
The Lord Who Heals

His mighty hand
Put away the dark
There is no need
To say goodbye

For in His hand you remain
Until time is done
When He shatters through
And calls me home.

When we meet again
Where there is no pain
He will wipe away every tear
from our eyes.


No more.

4 thoughts on “Shattered Goodbye”

  1. Thank you for checking in on me!

    Things are still chaotic. I’m still not at home. I’m staying with my grandma until some decisions are made about the house.

    Add to that Phil is most likely having hernia surgery within the next couple of weeks (he sees the doctor tomorrow.) I have found out exactly what a rope feels like during a tug of war contest.

    I’ve opened my blog several times to start writing and I just can’t find the words right now. Which is not typical. I think it might be because it is a public forum. Or it might simply be because I have no strength right now to do more than simply get by.

    I’m trying to be aware of the lessons hidden in this trial. I’m trying to be sensitive to God’s whisper.

    Maybe that’s what I need to meditate on. 1 Kings 19:11-12

  2. Hi Michelle, sorry to hear things are so hard. I will pray for you and Phil.
    May the Lord wrap His arms around you and comfort you.


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