Super Full Moon Online Paint Night!!

 Blood Moon 2

Tuesday October 27, 2015
7pm central time

This is much, much deeper than just a painting. This is pure transformational energy!!!

During the full moon, we often participate in full moon ceremonies. We write our fears, our hesitations, our negative emotions, the ugly in our soul. We cleanse. Then we burn the paper.

In my past, I’ve burned words, emotions, and whole journals. I’ve drank in the heat of the fire, let it come into my body, and I’ve allowed the transfer of negative energy into positive energy.

Then I added those ashes into my paintings to symbolize the transformation.

So after you burn your paper, save those ashes. I’m going to teach you how to paint this so you can make a beautiful, high vibrating energy painting of your own. One that will cheer you on daily as you wake. One that will remind you how loved you, how valuable you are, how cherished you are. A painting created by your hands that will remind you of your constant transformation.

I’ll send you a list of supplies you need to pick up. You can get them at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or most Walmart stores. Then I’ll send you the link and the time of our Paint Night! The investment will be $25 per person. The live class will last around 2-3 hours.

I’ll email you the link to the live class as well.

If you cannot attend and would like me to create a painting for you, please let me know. The photo shown is a 16×20 wrapped canvas and I can paint another one especially for you with your full moon ashes in it for $200 to US addresses.



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