Tackle It Tuesday–Woodburning Stove

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Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This week:

  • I kept our bedroom clean all week.
  • I cleaned off the dining room table.
  • I did a bunch of coupon planning.
  • And yes, my Christmas tree is still up.

My woodburning stove and my kitchen (again)
And now that I’ve posted pictures of my woodburning stove, I see I missed some and I see how desperately we need brick behind the thing.

Oh well. It keeps us warm and the heating bill is next to nothing since the wood comes from our property.

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9 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday–Woodburning Stove”

  1. ooooo!! I’m jealous of your wood burning stove. I’d love to put on in, but we just don’t have a good place to put it. Unless we got rid of the tv and that’s not gonna happen. My crew would rather be cold than have to do that!

  2. Great tackle! I love woodburning stoves. Our last house had a wood cookstove and a wood boiler for heating the house and water. We are working on doing that in our new house. Yes!

  3. You have been busy! Looks great, too! LOL about your Christmas tree. My sister once hung Valentine hearts all over hers… maybe even Easter eggs! lol You’ll get around to it. ;o)


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