Zane’s 10th Birthday–Transformers Cake!

My boy is a decade old.

Remember 10? Mrs. Kaczmarek was my teacher. I was the only one who could spell her name right. It was a bonus word on our first spelling test. And I was also the only one who spelled the bonus word “rendezvous” correct on a different test. We had to write a dictionary that year of something we were interested in. Mine was on car parts. Mrs. Kaczmarek told me I needed to be more of a girl. I told her I was going to sign up for the Army and then I was going to be a truck driver and a writer.

I did sign up for the Army. I was a truck driver. I am a writer.
She didn’t believe me. I don’t know if anyone did.
Zane hasn’t told me yet what he wants to be. Engineering will be a part of it, I imagine.
I want to pay attention to his desires, his goal, his dreams. I wonder what he will do? What he will be?

Happy Birthday my love!

Kudos to Amie from Clemons Cakery!
She bakes the most yummilicious cakes.

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Tackle It Tuesday–Indiana Jones Cake & Surprise Party

Zane’s 9th and Phil’s Surprise 40th Birthdays
I’m tackling blogging today. Kind of.
  • I forgot to post pictures of Zane’s birthday party in October. I tried to post last week and blogger was being a butt. So now, lucky Tackle It readers, you get to see the fruits of my labor.
  • Saturday, we had a surprise 40th birthday party for Phil and it went over great! He didn’t even suspect at all! However, the day I made the food for the party he came home from work early and so I had to hide it in the garage fridge. And the house smelled so we had to eat some of it. And the day before the party, his boss called him off because work was slow. So I was STRESSED. It was worth it, but I promise, I won’t ever do that again!


Indiana Jones Cake
(I made it! Can you believe it??)
First time ever without the fedora
Sarah, Zane and Jacob
Zane reading the card Jacob made him
My goofball

Phil and his cowboy boot slippers

Complete with horse shoes on the bottom
And 40 pair of underwear for his 40th Birthday
And (as if you didn’t know) today is election day.
So I voted.
You should, too.
Wear your pretty little dress and thigh-highs, okay?

You can see all of my tackles here.

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Preview–Zane’s Indiana Jones Party

Blogger is NOT being nice. I have more pictures to upload and I’ll tell you how I made the cake, but Blogger won’t let me upload anything except this.

I also have photos of my JC Penney UNBELIEVABLE shopping spree.

I bought Zane $966 (retail price) for $32.14!!
(Edit: I bought Zane CLOTHES, I didn’t buy Zane. Ack!)

So here’s your preview.

I probably won’t be around until Monday. I was supposed to write a blog for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and schedule them to be posted, but since I can’t upload anything I guess I’ll just scratch that off the list and you’ll have to wait!