Preview–Zane’s Indiana Jones Party

Blogger is NOT being nice. I have more pictures to upload and I’ll tell you how I made the cake, but Blogger won’t let me upload anything except this.

I also have photos of my JC Penney UNBELIEVABLE shopping spree.

I bought Zane $966 (retail price) for $32.14!!
(Edit: I bought Zane CLOTHES, I didn’t buy Zane. Ack!)

So here’s your preview.

I probably won’t be around until Monday. I was supposed to write a blog for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and schedule them to be posted, but since I can’t upload anything I guess I’ll just scratch that off the list and you’ll have to wait!

3 thoughts on “Preview–Zane’s Indiana Jones Party”

  1. Did you say that you bought ZANE for $32.14?????LOL.

    As to the cake–ahhhhh, I remember when I made wild boys’ cakes for birthdays. Do you think my sophisticated grown guys would still eat cakes like that? They would definitely think this cake was awesome with the snakes and stuff.

    Fun. How old is he now?


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