Project Lifebook Part III

Part IPart II Lifebooks aren’t just for adults. I didn’t know that at first. The kids were running around like banshees, ahem, nice little children when they realized the adults were having a pretty darn good time making something. All at once, a chorus of “I wanna make one. I wanna make one. I wanna make one,” and “Oooh, can … Read More

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Project Lifebook Part II

Yesterday we talked about the general idea of a LifeBook. Today, we’ll dive into specifics. Tabs/Divider Pages Thinking of the roles I take on in life inspired the tabs I created. Since this is such a personal journal, you could include anything you want. I’ll give you my initial list and then talk more about other ideas. Prayer journalDaughter of … Read More

Project Lifebook

I decided to embark upon a new project: Lifebook What’s a lifebook? I have no clue. Something I made up. A journal with oompf. A diary with pizazz. A planner, if you so choose, with meaning. I was so tired of the same planners, the same blank journals, none of them ever fit my personality. As Jen so aptly described … Read More

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