Showing Tonight–Perseids Meteor Shower

Best viewing: middle of the night.

We tried to see Perseids Meteor shower last year. I woke Zane up, got in the car and drove to a cemetery out in the middle of nowhere. It was cloudy and rainy so we went home without even seeing a star.

Tonight, though, the forecast here is CLEAR!!!

We’ll be up and driving down the road around 2am. I can’t wait!

Here’s an article in Science Daily for you.

Radical Discovery

Discovery News article:

Pederson’s explanation jives, in a way, with what might be considered a radical new idea suggesting the river carved the Grand Canyon from the bottom up. The theory is presented in a paper in the March 15 issue of the journal Geomorphology.


Would that be like in Genesis before the Flood, before rain fell from the sky?

God must giggle at our stupidity.

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The Cicadas Are Coming!!

They were here in 1990, the year I graduated and this 17 year brood is coming back this year! I still haven’t forgot what it sounds like outside when the millions of cicadas come out. (This lady has some mp3’s from 2004, you can get an idea of what they sound like)

Since we’ve moved a little outside of “The Region” (upper northwest counties of Indiana) I’m not positive we’ll get the cicadas here in Knox, guess I’ll ask around the town.

There are some cool pictures here.

The last time they were here, people had to use snow shovels to get them off of their driveways. Don’t believe me? Read the Chicago Tribune.

Or watch this video from the ABC Chicago.

Here’s a map of brood XIII from CicadaMania

So, if you’re coming to see me in May or June, we’ll get to experience this scientific wonder together! Call me a freak if you must, I think this stuff is fascinating! Time to pull up some homeschool lessons! Next time Zane see this will be in 2024 when he’s 24.

Brood XIII

(17 Year)

States Effected: IA, IL, IN, MI, WI

Years Present: 1973, 1990, 2007, 2024, 2041, 2058, 2075, 2092, 2109, etc….