Showing Tonight–Perseids Meteor Shower

Best viewing: middle of the night.

We tried to see Perseids Meteor shower last year. I woke Zane up, got in the car and drove to a cemetery out in the middle of nowhere. It was cloudy and rainy so we went home without even seeing a star.

Tonight, though, the forecast here is CLEAR!!!

We’ll be up and driving down the road around 2am. I can’t wait!

Here’s an article in Science Daily for you.

2 thoughts on “Showing Tonight–Perseids Meteor Shower”

  1. OOHHH – is that tonight?? We drove out to my parents last year (where you can see the milky way) and had the BEST time – they just lit up the sky. I hope you have good luck tonight!! Jacob will be too worn out after his “outing.”


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