The Blur


This is my son Zane. He’s the blur on the uneven parallel bars. He’s seven. He’s blurry because his mommy’s digital camera sucks. Mommy can’t even do scrapbook pages of his wonderful childhood because there’s nothing to print out.

This next photo is of Zane and his best friend Sarah all dressed up to go to the theatre to see Sarah’s mom in “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

You’d see how cute they really are if we had a good camera.

Here’s Zane at his SpongeBob Pirate birthday party. There are seven candles on the Spongebob cake.

Yes. It is Spongebob. See the yellow sponge there in the middle of the cake? And yes, that is Zane. I’d know that blur anywhere.

This is Zane and Sarah in their matching footy pajama’s. Aren’t they adorable blobs of pink and blue?

Isn’t he just adorable! If you could see his eyes, you’d see they are brown, just like his dad’s.

Here is Zane and his cousins with Santa at the Harley-Davidson in Valparaiso, IN. Thank goodness they had their own digital camera and printer, they generously gave us a copy of the photo. Santa even had a real beard, can you see it? Of course you can’t. I took the picture with my crappy camera.

I’ve heard it said that a photo is worth a thousand words. Think my baby boy will believe that when he sees these in his scrapbook?

Think this digital photography might solve my woes? I do. What do you think, Ted?

This post is brought to you by HP–the camera I took these photos with is NOT an HP. If Ted likes this post, I might be able to bring you a follow up post with images capture on a wonderful HP.

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  1. woo hoo!! congratulations on winning the HP camera, so i guess blur photos no more from now on eh? Looking forward to see clearer photos of Zane… ๐Ÿ˜€


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